Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Beehive Handmade’s Heart-Shaped Gifts
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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Beehive Handmade’s Heart-Shaped Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Beehive Handmade’s Heart-Shaped Gifts

Spread the love this upcoming Valentine’s Day with Beehive Handmade’s heart-shaped housewares and sentimental jewelry to be worn and enjoyed everyday.

Handcrafted with love in our studio located in Warren, Rhode Island, our beautifully useful gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day and all days! We've got some gift ideas of things we make and love for the people you love:  

The Ultimate Gift Guide: for Coffee, Baking, & Jewelry Lovers


Does your sweetheart love coffee? Who can blame them! Our handcrafted heart-shaped coffee scoop, inspired by vintage kitchenware, has brought coffee lovers much joy to the start of their day. Our best-selling double tablespoon coffee scoop is stylishly-happy, practical, and makes a big pot of coffee quick. Inscribed with a sweet message on the front and back, it's sure to brighten up the day of someone you love.


For the baker in your life, Beehive Handmade has beautiful, heart-shaped kitchen utensils inspired by the all the love that goes into baking for one's family and friends. We know you’ll find the perfect accouterments for your favorite pastry-chef to bake their favorite recipes with love. 

Designed for serving homemade desserts, Beehive has elevated the craft of baking with heart shaped pie servers, cake servers, and heart pancake spatulas. Made seamlessly from stainless steel, copper, and wood, these beautifully crafted serving utensils are exceptionally durable and made for the art of baking.

Beehive's heart spice spoons are adorable and pair so well with our original quotes measuring spoons or heart measuring spoons to make the perfect gift for your favorite baker. Though they are heart-shaped instead of round, each piece is precisely designed for accurate measurements. Functional and masterfully crafted, these utensils will make baking a joy when used to make favorite, family recipes!

Gift sets for your favorite Chef are always a great idea too.  Pair up our Laurel mixing bowls (available in small and medium), with the heart measuring spoons, a soft,  linen red-striped dish towel, and a beautiful beech-wood round pastry brush for the perfect bundle.


Jewelry is a great Valentine's Day gift for a reason - who doesn't love to open a special little box! Show your sweetheart that you know them and love them with a personalized necklace made just for them. Choose from the heart-shaped ‘Hell Yes’, heart-shaped “Taken”personalized sterling monogrammed initial pendant, or any of our artisan collection jewelry pieces. Designed with heartfelt intention, the signature heart pendants perfectly embody the spirit and fun of Valentine’s Day. Crafted from recycled sterling silver they're sure to be timeless additions to any jewelry collection. 

Designing Functional & Thoughtful Products

At Beehive Handmade each product is meticulously hand-crafted in Rhode Island with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Devoted to making high quality pieces, Beehive handcrafts their products with heirloom quality, lead-free materials. Whether you’re looking for a gift they'll use everyday, a sentimental token, or personalized gift, choose Beehive Handmade.  When in double, there’s always the gift of a gift card