Our 25th Year! – Beehive Handmade
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Our 25th Year!

Our 25th Year!

This is a big year for us, as we mark the start of the 25th year of Beehive. Way back when, shortly after we got married, we had the idea to create a collection of functional metalwork that would be not only practical, but decorative and fun. We wanted to make special, useful things that would add a little joy to everyday life.

It's funny to think about how little we knew about manufacturing or running a businesses -(oh,  if those spoons could talk!), but we received so much encouragement from our customers and all the creative people we met along the way. People believed in us and that made it easier to believe in ourselves.

If you're not already familiar, you can read more about our story on our website.

*Shown above are our original products which are still in production. And photos of us when we were just kids.*