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In With The Old & The New

In With The Old & The New

As craftspeople in the year 2023 we often think about our place in the world and the objects we create to live in it. While we always want to honor the traditions of our craft, we know that to be relevant our work needs to have a somewhat timeless quality but also be modern in spirit.

We're always looking at historical objects and thinking about how they might be re-imagined to fit into everyday, modern life. We're particularly inspired by a traditional New England aesthetic which feels both graceful and utilitarian. The idea of finding elements of the old and the new to inhabit the same spaces and objects are what inspires us to create.

We hope to make meaningful objects for your homes that mark a special occasion, that tell a story, and become part of your daily life now and in the future.

Thank you for reading - we hope we've inspired you to find things that make your home a lively and personal space that bring you comfort and happiness.